Godfrey & Wing System to Seal Cylinder Head Covers in Germany

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Godfrey & Wing will install an HVLV for a German-based automotive supplier. Starting in 2022, the system will seal cylinder head covers. The contract results from the requirements of inline production and 100% of the parts to be sealed.  


Since its launch in 2014, the HVLV has become one of the world's most widely used impregnation systems. The HVLV is a modular system that efficiently seals porosity while keeping parts clean. The HVLV contains a patented Dry Vacuum and Pressure (DVP) impregnation chamber. This seals porosity with a first-time through (FTT) recovery rate of over 99%. In addition, the system's wash station ensures that parts are properly washed, eliminating part contamination. With a small footprint of 96 square feet, the HVLV can fit in the production line, achieving continuous part flow.  



This HVLV will be equipped with custom fixtures and robotic part handling. The fixtures will remove the risk of part damage and contamination. In addition, the robotic automation provides a shorter cycle time, repeatable processing, and eliminates the risk of operator mishandling. The HVLV will integrate into the production line with machining, deburring, washing, and leak testing. The fully automated environment allows the manufacturer to meet production volume and quality specifications.  


"Godfrey & Wing brings extensive knowledge and evolving innovations in vacuum impregnation to this partnership." Said Ralf Versmold, Godfrey & Wing Managing Director of European Operations. "Godfrey & Wing's proven technology and performance provides the best solution to this company's needs." 

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