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Envelope Size

  24" x 30"
30" x 30"

 Overall Dimensions

 40" x 96"

 Cycles per Hour

 10-40 per hour, depending on the system

 Minimum Temperature Needed

105° F

 Vacuum Level

5 torr


Godfrey & Wing’s vacuum drying equipment ensures your parts are dry by removing any surface impurities. The equipment is tailored to your needs so that it is a key process in your production line. 

Efficient Drying

To comply with stringent drying requirements, the systems are adapted to be efficient and effective to the part. Drying can be ensured even for parts with complex geometries. 


Lean Footprint

The design allows for integration directly into the manufacturing line. This allows parts to flow smoothly with no interruptions, delays, or bottlenecks.


Handling and Automation

Whether manual or automated, the handling system is designed to the program. The tailored handling increases throughput while keeping operators safe and productive.

Vacuum-dryer-handling (2)

Programming and Control

Parameters can be adjusted and monitored to meet the part's requirements.