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Driven By Design

Godfrey & Wing’s goals are to improve manufacturing, simplify complex processes, and help our customers improve throughput and profitability.

Our business focuses on three offerings: vacuum impregnation equipment, sealants, and services.


Continuous Innovation Built
on over 75 Years of Heritage

Godfrey & Wing is named after our founders, Judd Godfrey and Clarence Wing. Established in 1948, we’re now the longest-serving and largest vacuum impregnation equipment provider in the world.

Keeping our founders names reminds us of how far we’ve come, and how much more we can do for our customers.


Driving Force for Equipment

The significant focus for our equipment is the vacuum impregnation process. Our decades of research and list of global approvals prove this. We build systems around OEMs’ parts sealing requirements to maximize sealing effectiveness.


Power of Green, Recoverable Sealants

Our sealants are fully recoverable. They maintain purity without the additional chemistry or ancillary processes used to reconstitute sealants from waste streams. This ensures a high yield with a minimal amount of resources.

In addition, Godfrey & Wing sealants are environmentally friendly, contain no toxic substances, and are compliant with global environmental initiatives.


Access to a Global Service Network

Godfrey & Wing maintains an extensive network of vacuum impregnation service centers, resources, and strategic partners.

We work with customers to identify the right sealant and impregnation process to seal components anywhere in the world.