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Process Materials

  Castings, 3D printing, wires and harnesses, overmolded cables, and graphite

 Process Used

 Dry Vacuum & Pressure (DVP), Dry Vacuum (DV), and Wet  Vacuum (WV)

 Maximum Part Size

 48" Diameter

 Sealants Used

Thermal-cure, Anaerobic

 Sealant  Specifications


 Process Specifications


 Additional Services

 Leak testing, assembly, special packaging


Godfrey & Wing’s extensive network of vacuum impregnation service centers, resources, and strategic partners ensures that Godfrey & Wing can meet your production schedule and requirements. 

Increased Efficiency

With its research and development lab, Godfrey & Wing works with customers to identify the right sealant, and impregnation process, then streamline it to production. This enables maximum recovery, with clean and damage free parts.