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Vacuum Impregnation Services

Choosing to outsource vacuum impregnation is a smart choice for many manufacturers. The choice can be driven by capital availability, floor space constraints or the desire to maintain a core competency.


Godfrey & Wing has the most extensive network of vacuum impregnation service centers, resources and strategic partners in North America. The company also has the most rapidly growing network of service centers in the world.  


With its in-depth technical skills, Godfrey & Wing works with customers to identify the right sealant and impregnation process. It helps companies around the world eliminate scrapped castings and production delays while improving their profitability.


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General Specifications
Process Materials   Castings, Plastic components, Wires & Harnesses, Overmolded Cables
Process Used Dry Vacuum & Pressure (DVP), Dry Vacuum (DV), Wet Vacuum (WV)
Maximum Part Size 48" Diameter
Sealants Used Thermal-cure, Anaerobic
Sealant Specifications MIL-I-17563C
Process Specifications MIL-STD-276A
Additional Services Leak Testing, Assembly,  Special Packaging