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Most Trusted By
Manufacturers Worldwide

Godfrey & Wing is the longest serving and largest vacuum impregnation equipment manufacturer in the world.

Committed to the idea of designing a better process then making it simple and easy to use has allowed Godfrey & Wing to be trusted by OEMs and manufacturers worldwide.


Setting the Standard for Performance and Reliability

Godfrey & Wing builds equipment around OEM’s part requirements.
With more than 90 program approvals and hundreds of vacuum impregnation and VPI installations,
Godfrey & Wing has set the standard for vacuum impregnation and VPI performance and reliability.

Access to a Global Network

Godfrey & Wing maintains an extensive worldwide network of vacuum impregnation service centers, resources and strategic partners.

The company works with customers to identify the right sealant and impregnation process to seal components, anywhere in the world.