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Internal Combustion
Engines (ICE)

Godfrey & Wing is a strategic partner for the world’s leading automakers. These companies trust the company’s keen understanding of manufacturing, repeatability and sustainability.
With Godfrey & Wing technology, automotive OEMs have eliminated labor, reduced costs, and increased safety and quality.

Electrical Vehicles (EV)


With a proven record in delivering results for ICEs, Godfrey& Wing is helping OEMs succeed as they now invest in EVs.

OEMs trust Godfrey & Wing’s continued mission to innovate and find better porosity sealing solutions.





Aerospace manufacturers produce high-value parts in low volume.

As such, they rely on Godfrey & Wing to provide individual attention and overall craftsmanship, ensuring their one-of-a-kind parts are processed according to specification and at the highest quality.    



Defense manufacturers deal with strict standards and cannot compromise on quality or reliability.

These companies rely on Godfrey & Wing to seal parts that help keep people safe from evolving threats.



No two industrial customers are alike, and all look to Godfrey & Wing for vacuum impregnation solutions to challenges ranging from over-molded electrical components to hydraulic housings. 

Godfrey & Wing tailors equipment and sealants to the project at hand, guaranteeing parts will meet or exceed their field service requirements.



Medical devices are becoming more efficient, accessible, and accurate, providing precise diagnoses and treatments.

As such, medical device manufacturers need a partner that delivers products meeting these guidelines. Godfrey & Wing seals a variety of medical components that help improve patient outcome.