Godfrey & Wing and Paul Köster GmbH Enter Strategic Partnership

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Godfrey & Wing and Paul Köster GmbH have entered a strategic partnership to provide outstanding technical support. Both companies are world-leading manufacturers in their respective segments: Godfrey & Wing in vacuum impregnation and Paul Köster in leak testing systems.

In this partnership, each company will assist the other with equipment installations and services in Europe and North America. In addition, Godfrey & Wing and Paul Köster GmbH will collaborate on the optimal integration of vacuum impregnation and leak testing systems.

The partnership reflects Godfrey & Wing and Paul Köster's commitment to providing turnkey solutions in leak testing and sealing. Through this partnership, manufacturers can streamline production from machining to impregnation, leak testing, and packaging. Thereby, manufacturers will benefit by maximizing production and minimizing Work-in-Process (WIP), resulting in increased profitability.


"Sharing the technical capabilities between two pioneering companies allows our global customers to connect operations and enable them to function at optimal levels." Said Alexander Alford, CEO of Godfrey & Wing.

"We know that leak testing is not a stand-alone process. In the scope of a production line, stages of assembly and material flows are just as important as part quality.” Said Friedrich Köster, Managing Director of Paul Köster GmbH. "This partnership allows manufacturers with the premier solution to connect a production line using robotics, conveyor technology, gantry technology, or other material transport options."

Both companies have a long history of innovation. Godfrey & Wing, founded over 70 years ago, provides vacuum impregnation services, equipment, and sealant to automotive OEMs worldwide. Paul Köster GmbH, founded 115 years ago, is one of automotive OEMs' leading leak testing, assembly, and automation companies.