As we begin a New Year, we want to share our top 5 blog posts of 2012. If you missed any of these articles, be sure to check them out. They include helpful information about vacuum impregnation processes, equipment and maintenance.

Dry Vacuum vs Wet Vacuum Process
Godfrey & Wing recommends a Dry Vacuum process over a Wet Vacuum process when impregnating High Value parts.

Why Do Aluminum Parts Discolor?
To get rid of any discoloration, corrective or preventative actions need to be taken.

Do You Need Refurbished, Used or New Vacuum Impregnation Equipment?
Answering specific questions will help determine whether you need a refurbished, used or new vacuum impregnation system.

Basic Vacuum Impregnation Maintenance (Part 1)
Vacuum casting impregnation system maintenance can help keep sealing rates up and drive overall maintenance costs down.

Old vs. New Vacuum Impregnation
At Godfrey & Wing, our team of scientists and engineers are changing the vacuum impregnation industry.

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