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Video: CAPi Walkaround

Posted by Andy Marin on Thu, Aug 06, 2020 @ 09:05 AM
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The Continuous Advanced Powertrain Impregnation system (CAPI) allows high volume OEM and suppliers to have the benefits of vacuum impregnation in a simple, easy to use machine.  In our latest video, Johnny Impreg discusses how the system effectively seals die casting leak paths while eliminating contamination and damage.


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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. Johnny Impreg here with another episode of Casting Call with Johnny Impreg. And it happens to be Tuesday when my buddy Andy and I are filming this episode, so, gonna try a little bit different approach and do two for Tuesday, so I've got two questions for all of you. Number one, are you still sending castings out for impregnation? And number two, do you continue to struggle with problems of contamination and damage from the impregnation? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, we have an answer, it's the CAPi, Godfrey & Wing's Continuous Advanced Powertrain impregnation system.


Latest CAPi
You may have recently seen one of Andy's articles about a system that was sent to Germany for transmissions. Today I'm going to unveil our latest CAPi that was custom-built for one of the best-selling 9-speed cases in North America. We designed and built it from the ground up to maximize the efficiency for these 9-speed gearboxes.


But if you're a Tier 1 machiner and maybe you have a variety of different powertrain castings, you're in luck. We have a CAPi for you, too. Another design can be configured as a flex-cell that will provide a configuration that will allow to process a constant mix of different parts such as, maybe you're making blocks, oil pans, transmission cases, EV gearboxes, just to name a few. So, here we have two questions, one answer, problem solved. And that's one of the reasons we call it simply better.


Let's Talk

If you have any other questions or comments, please hit me up in the comments section below or send me a question on LinkedIn or WhatsApp. As always, thanks for watching and bye for now.


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