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Understanding Vacuum Impregnation (Handbook)

Posted by Andy Marin on Mon, Jul 25, 2016 @ 09:30 AM
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We recently update our vacuum impregnation handbook.  The handbook takes the complicated subject of
vacuum impregnation and simplifies it.  This handbook will allow you to better identify porosity and then
learn what vacuum impregnation process and system is best to seal your porosity.  


When porosity occurs in your part, you need to get it seal quickly.
Use our handbook as a guide to help you find the best solution for
your part.  Flip through this easy to follow handbook to learn about:

•Porosity Types
•Vacuum Impregnation Steps
•Who Uses Vacuum Impregnation
•The Definition of Vacuum Impregnation
•Vacuum Impregnation Selection Variables
•Vacuum Impregnation Systems & Sealants



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Topics: Vacuum Impregnation, How to Fix Porosity?

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