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Have you read the latest Fundidores?

Posted by Andy Marin on Fri, Apr 01, 2016 @ 04:12 PM
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Our new Mexico vacuum impregnation plant is featured on the cover of the Fundidores April addition.  

If you have not read the recent Fundidores from Metal Spain, then click here to download your free copy.  FYI, the magazine is both in Spanish and English.  The Englsih version begins on page 28.

Our Mexico service center opened towards the beginning of this year and is located in Santa Catarina, part of the Monterrey Metropolitan Area in the state of Nuevo Leon.

This new facility comprises 10,000 square feet and houses the HVLV, GW’s groundbreaking impregnation system that uses a patented single piece flow Dry Vacuum and Positive Pressure (DVP) process.  Click here to learn more about our Mexico location.  

For more information about Godfrey & Wing, please contact us by email or call +1.330.562.1440.


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