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Automated Vacuum Impregnation Enables Transmission Production

Posted by Andy Marin on Mon, Nov 26, 2018 @ 02:13 PM
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Godfrey & Wing recently published in the Die Casting Engineer November issue titled: "Automated Vacuum Impregnation Enables Transmission Production"


This article discusses how an automotive Tier 1 supplier uses vacuum impregnation to seal porosity in a new transmission case program. Due to the part requirements, cleanliness standards, and volume, the company needed an automated vacuum impregnation system tailored to their needs. This system allows the manufacturer to take control of the porosity sealing step and integrated vacuum impregnation into their production flow, to ensure product quality and productivity.


 Transmission cases_CAPI


The challenges this supplier overcame are not unusual. Manufacturing activities are being shaped to an increasing degree by the particular demands of consumer taste. In automotive production, specifically, consumers’ expectations of finished product quality and performance defines product design with greater attention to the details of material selection and manufacturing process control, which further determines the requirements of the supply chain.  


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