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Article: Vacuum Impregnation Enables Lightweight Material Use

Posted by Andy Marin on Thu, Sep 21, 2017 @ 08:53 AM
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Godfrey & Wing has published an article in LightWeighting World titled "Vacuum Impregnation Enables Lightweight Material Use". This article discusses the surge in aluminum use and how vacuum impregnation eliminates aluminum casting porosity. You can read the entire article below.


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Recent decades have seen a surge in use of aluminum castings in car manufacturing. Aluminum has been a key material in car manufacturing since the beginning. The first sports car featuring an aluminum body was unveiled at the Berlin International Motor Show in 1899. Carl Benz developed the first engine with aluminum parts two years later1. Since this time, aluminum has become the leading material used in various components and car models. Aluminum use now ranges from mass-market to luxury vehicles.


As this surge has happened, vacuum impregnation has become the primary method to eliminate the porosity inherent in aluminum castings. OEMs are redesigning parts and bringing vacuum impregnation systems in-house to meet the aluminum use demand.

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