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5 Tips for Attending NADCA's Virtual Conference

Posted by Andy Marin on Mon, Oct 12, 2020 @ 08:30 AM
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This year's NADCA Diecasting Congress and Table Top Conference has transitioned to virtual. Watching a screen will require a different kind of focus instead of attending the technical sessions or walking the exhibitor floor. Before attending, here five tips to help you make the most of your time.


Learn the Event Tool

The Diecasting Congress and Table Top Conference will be hosted on a tool a few of us have used before. Before the conference, take time to learn in the event hub. Find out how to access sessions, be sure to have good headphones, and work out any glitches. NADCA has provided video tutorials for the show. 


Block off Your Calendar

It can be difficult to not focus on work while also at a conference. Missing the sessions, exhibitors, and networking opportunities may impact how much you learn from the show. Be sure to schedule the sessions on your calendar so that your coworkers know when you are not available.  





Even at a distance, there are plenty of networking opportunities at this year's show. NADCA will host, a trivia game night, virtual happy hours, and you can set up 1-on-1 appointments with exhibitors.  


Attend with Others

Conferences are better when you attend them with coworkers. Be sure to catch up and discuss any sessions with any coworkers. This interaction can keep you engaged throughout the event. 


Review Notes

A benefit of virtual conferences is that sessions are often available on-demand after the conference. Schedule time after the show to review notes, re-watch any sessions to help you absorb as much information as possible.




In Summary

While this year's platform has changed, the purpose of featuring the latest developments in the die casting industry has not. These five simple tips will help you get the most out of this year's show. 

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