Vacuum Impregnation Equipment 

Godfrey & Wing designs, engineers and builds vacuum impregnation equipment for customers who choose to operate their own vacuum impregnation lines.

Not only do we design and build vacuum impregnation equipment, we also use the same equipment in our Godfrey & Wing process centers. We know firsthand which system, sealant and process can best increase the yield of pressure tight components while significantly lowering operating costs for our customers.

Whether you need a single piece flow Continuous Flow Impregnation (CFi) system or a traditional batch system, our team of engineers will design a system and process that fits your production schedule, part specification and floor space constraint requirement.

How do you know which vacuum impregnation system is right for you?
Should a permanent vacuum impregnation system be installed, or would you prefer the flexibility to move it as necessary around your facility or among multiple facilities?

  • What size are your parts or components that need to be vacuum impregnated?

  • Is the speed of the vacuum impregnation process a critical factor for you, or is it the quantity of parts to be done in a given TAKT time?

These are just a few of the questions we will help you to answer. Our ability to design, engineer and build the best vacuum impregnation system for you has evolved from our experience in designing and building vacuum impregnation equipment for our own use. We have been doing this since 1949, longer than any other company in the world.

To learn more about specific equipment, please click on the links below:

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