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Vacuum Vapor Degreasing Services

Any contaminants in casting porosity will inhibit and prevent the unrestricted flow of the sealant into the porosity. In order to properly seal porosity, parts must be clean. The most effective way to clean parts prior to vacuum impregnation is through vacuum vapor degreasing.


Vacuum vapor degreasing is an environmentally friendly process that dissolves contaminants while in an airless environment. The vapors travel unimpeded to the part surface and help draw out contaminants from the porosity. The process not only removes contaminants, but dries the parts without fear of oxidation.


Godfrey & Wing’s vacuum vapor degreasing eliminates the risk of sealant contamination and enables castings to be properly sealed.  

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Equipment Properties
Vapor Degreasing System   Serec Model HV036156
Process Description Closed Loop Airless Degreasing Cleaning Unit
Chamber Size 36" diameter x 156" long
Load Capacity 500 lbs


General Specifications
Vapor Degreasing Purpose   Remove contaminants from porosity 
Solvent Used Trichloroethylene
Materials Processed Aluminum, magnesium, brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and zinc
Typical Parts Castings, Powdered Metal and Stampings
Location Providence, RI