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Vacuum Impregnation Case Studies



Godfrey & Wing's Case Study library offers you insights and proven results from a wide variety of companies and industries.  
Discover how these companies sealed porosity in castings as a result of Godfrey & Wing's expertise.


Quality Conditions Demand Impregnation Equipment


A supplier to a major automotive OEM needed to install an integrated and automated production line that included vacuum impregnation. This company needed a custom vacuum impregnation system to meet the OEM's demands.


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Eliminating Weld Porosity

A piece of extrusion equipment leaked on the weldment. The leak was discovered as it was installed at the end customer’s facility. The start-up of this product to the customer was critical, so the leak needed to be sealed quickly.


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Unwanted Shrink Porosity in Lost Foam Castings


Worldwide, many manufacturers use lost foam castings to deliver complex casting designs and contain downstream costs for machining and manufacturing.  Despite the benefits, lost foam castings exhibit unwanted shrink porosity in the final product.

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Tight Leak Rate Standards Force the Need for Vacuum Impregnation

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An aluminum gas meter manufacturer required tight leak standards.  A local vendor attempted to seal the parts through vacuum impregnation, but was unsuccessful. This is because they utilized an ineffective and outdated impregntion system to seal the parts.  

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Vacuum Impregnation Enables Continuous Production


Handtmann needed a vacuum impregnation system to impregnate the transmission cases and clutch housings for the Mercedes A-Class, B-Class, CLA-Class, and GLA-Class. They needed a system that would integrate with their existing production process.


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