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Shot Peen and Shot Blast

Most failures attributed to cyclic fatigue or stress corrosion begin with tensile stresses and microscopic cracks created during grinding, machining, forming or casting of a part. The negative effect of these cracks can be eliminated or minimized through the process of shot peening.


While shot peening alters sub-surface mechanical properties, blasting alters only the surface. Shot blasting delivers superior results to parts for a variety of metals requiring a specific micro finish.


Godfrey & Wing provides unmatched attention to detail for masking, part handling, equipment and media maintenance. This allows for repeatable and reliable results on the most sensitive applications.


Godfrey & Wing offers the right combination of equipment, media and expertise to meet the most stringent specification, quality and delivery requirements. 

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Equipment Properties
Media Type   cast shot, conditioned cut wire shot, aluminum oxide and glass bead
Maximum Part Size 48" dia x 96"
(1,219 mm dia x 2,438 mm)
Maximum Part Weight 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg)
Materials Processed steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, cast iron


General Specifications
Shot Peen Use   Improve part strength
Typical Shot Peen Parts Springs, Fastners, Torsion bars, Rods/Shafts
Shot Blast Use Create uniform texture and appearance
Typical Shot Blast Parts Castings, Forgings, Clutch Plates
Specification MIL-S-13165, SAE 441, SAE 442, SAE 443 and SAE J2441
Location Aurora