Job Summary: 
Performs a wide variety of functions to supervise, manage and direct
utilization of equipment, facilities, subcontractors and personnel to obtain maximum efficiency, optimal plant performance and product quality. Reviews production schedules, determines work force requirements, and monitors production to ensure customer requirements are met.

Aurora, OH

In-House Responsibilities:

  • Participating in vendor selection and evaluation.

  • Monitoring plant expenditures and budget.

  • Ensuring that all production, shipping, cost, quality, and safety goals are met.

  • Troubleshooting problems and taking preventative and corrective action as necessary.

  • Providing recommendations to improve operations and reduce costs.

  • Monitoring, measuring and reporting overall manufacturing efficiencies and activities.

  • Recognizing and solving problems affecting production including schedules, staff, quality and order of production.

  • Conferring with the management team to identify, plan and develop
    methods and procedures to obtain greater efficiencies in production and

Directs and coordinates project activities by:

  • Determining and building project flow including timeline, scope, and
    allotment of resources especially with simultaneous projects.

  • Coordinating meetings with Engineering and Sales to confirm project scope, objectives, budgets and timing.

  • Utilizing plans and drawings from Engineering and consulting with
    Engineering on any necessary modifications.

  • Ordering materials for project phases performed in house.

  • Developing production schedules establishing sequence and timeframe of
    manufacturing operations in order to meet production requirements.

  • Identifying appropriate subcontractor resources to complete project phases. Monitoring subcontractor performance during execution.
  • Communicating schedules and deadlines to employees, subcontractors and external suppliers as needed.
  • Monitoring project against schedule and budget and identifying potential
    delays and overruns.
  • Modifying production schedule as required by process changes or other
  • Organizing run off efforts.
  • Overseeing installation at customer site.
  • Directing warranty assessment and responsibilities.
  • Monitoring and maintaining conformance with quality assurance standards
    and procedures.
  • Suggesting methods for improving product quality or design and
    manufacturing and operations processes.
  • Working with the Quality Manager to investigate quality issues where

Degree in an engineering discipline or related field preferred.

3-5 years project management experience in a manufacturing environment required (ideally in specialty design equipment manufacturing). Experience working with subcontractors required.

Must have the demonstrated ability to coordinate work activities, be
a self starter and manage multiple tasks along with setting priorities
and working closely with internal and external customers. Solidworks
experience required.