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Godfrey & Wing Vacuum Impregnation System to Seal Transmission Cases in Germany

Posted by Andy Marin on Mar 25, 2020 4:12:50 PM

Godfrey & Wing has received a contract from a leading German machining company to supply a Continuous Advanced Powertrain impregnation (CAPi) system. The CAPi is an automated vacuum impregnation system that incorporates Godfrey & Wing's patented Dry Vacuum & Pressure (DVP) impregnation process. In 2021, the system will be installed in Germany to seal leak paths in die cast aluminum transmission cases of a luxury car manufacturer.

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Advanced Powertrain Impregnation System Introduced by Godfrey & Wing

Posted by Andy Marin on Jun 2, 2016 9:12:10 AM

The Advanced Powertrain Impregnation (APi) system is Godfrey & Wing’s latest innovation in vacuum impregnation
equipment. As the name implies, the APi was developed specifically for the advance powertrain market and is also the ideal solution for any light to medium weight large volume part impregnation.

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