SEW-Eurodrive to Install Godfrey & Wing HVLV Vacuum Impregnation System

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Godfrey & Wing, has received a contract from SEW-Eurodrive to supply an HVLV vacuum impregnation system.  Starting in 2018, the HVLV system will seal die cast aluminum motor and gear components in SEW-Eurodrive’s Forbach, France facility.


SEW-Eurodrive is a leading international manufacturer of geared motors, frequency inverters and servo drives. From airport logistics to industrial processes, SEW-Eurodrive is a global leader in drive technology. Headquartered in Bruchsal Germany, SEW-Eurodrive has over 16,000 employees worldwide.


This contract is a result of SEW-Eurodrive’s need to move its vacuum impregnation in-house. By operating its own equipment, SEW-Eurodrive will reduce freight costs and production delays associated with outsourcing. The HVLV’s small footprint and modular construction enables the integration of vacuum impregnation directly into SEW-Eurodrive’s manufacturing process. SEW-Eurodrive will be able to increase production efficiency while reducing waste and costs.


The HVLV system includes the most advanced porosity sealing technology available.  The system achieves a First Time Through (FTT) rate of over 99.5% on porous castings. This allows SEW-Eurodrive to maximize casting recovery and meet manufacturing targets.


This agreement significantly extends Godfrey & Wing’s relationship with SEW-Eurodrive. The contract also includes Godfrey & Wing’s 95-1000AA recoverable sealant and ongoing technical support.