Manufacturer In-sources Vacuum Impregnation with Godfrey & Wing

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Godfrey & Wing has received a contract from an Automotive Tier One manufacturer to supply an HVLV vacuum impregnation system. Since its launch in 2014, the lean, efficient and front-loading HVLV has become the most widely purchased impregnation system in the world.


This manufacturer, as with most Tier One manufacturers, discovered the options for vacuum impregnation were limited, and they accepted the added cost and risk of outsourcing. When awarded a new powertrain program requiring 100% impregnation, the manufacturer reconsidered its options. After evaluating the HVLV’s capability and capacity, they realized the system will achieve its production, quality, and profitability goals.


Capable of sealing 550,000 housings per year, the HVLV will exceed production requirements, and allow for future growth. The HVLV will eliminate costs associated with outsourcing, improve inventory control, and increase profitability. The system’s small footprint and modular construction allow the manufacturer to integrate vacuum impregnation directly into its machining and leak testing operations.


“By bringing vacuum impregnation in-house, this manufacturer can be even more responsive to their customers.” Said Dan Irvin, Director of Business Development. “The HVLV will be essential in meeting their requirements and ensuring the quality of their housings. “


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