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How Godfrey & Wing is Responding

Posted by Andy Marin on Mar 24, 2020 3:24:36 PM
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Godfrey & Wing is working to continue business as normal in support of our customers while providing a safe workplace for our team.  Below are a few important updates.

Essential Facilities
Godfrey & Wing's Aurora and Providence facilities have been deemed “Essential” operations and will continue normal operations. Our international facilities in Monterrey Mexico and Reken Germany will also continue to operate as normal.


As of Tuesday March 24, we have idled operations in Defiance, Saginaw and Toledo.  It has been determined by the State of Ohio, State of Michigan and the Dept of Homeland Security that those Godfrey & Wing's facilities are “Non-Essential” operations.


No employee or family member has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Those employees who have been symptomatic have been restricted from coming to work, and others who had prior direct contact self-isolated until such time as a negative diagnosis was confirmed. All employees take their temperature before coming to work and we are directing that any employee with an elevated temperature remain at home.


Our facilities are being subjected to deeper cleaning and disinfecting methods, and we are actively practicing social distancing in the workplace. With some roles transitioning to “work from home” we have reduced the density of our team. 


Inventory & Shipments
We have received representation from each of our raw material suppliers that we have no reason to expect an interruption in product shipments, and we have adequate inventories of raw material to protect against shorter term delays caused by irregularities in shipping activities.


While it remains our intention to continue operations.  With the fluid nature of the situation this can change this overnight. We remain committed to supporting our customer requirements and ensuring the safety of our workforce and supply chain.   


We are all in this together.   Let us all remain calm and do our absolute best to endeavor.