Godfrey & Wing Vacuum Impregnation System to Seal Transmission Cases in Germany

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Godfrey & Wing has received a contract from a leading German machining company to supply a Continuous Advanced Powertrain impregnation (CAPi) system. The CAPi is an automated vacuum impregnation system that incorporates Godfrey & Wing's patented Dry Vacuum & Pressure (DVP) impregnation process. In 2021, the system will be installed in Germany to seal leak paths in die cast aluminum transmission cases of a luxury car manufacturer.


This contract is a result of an OEM specification requiring in-line vacuum impregnation. The system will be designed with a robot for parts handling that will also serve to integrate the CAPi with other operations. The system is being designed to be placed into an existing and operating manufacturing line without disrupting ongoing production. The CAPi's design and automated part's handling enables continuous production, in a modular, compact space.


The CAPi reflects a method consistent with the customer's principles of forward-thinking designs. By integrating the CAPi with in-house production, the manufacturer can meet the production cost, volume, and quality specifications without concern.


"Godfrey & Wing’s CAPi system is the only system that can meet this company's challenges." Said Ralf Versmold Managing Director of European Operations "The CAPi represents Godfrey & Wing’s goal of modern vacuum impregnation systems are being tailored to meet our customer’s demands."