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Godfrey & Wing to Exhibit at the American Foundry Metal Casting Congress

Posted by Andy Marin on Mar 3, 2020 9:25:06 AM
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Godfrey & Wing will exhibit at the American Foundry Metal Casting Congress, April 21-23, Cleveland, Ohio. The annual show features the latest advancements in metal casting technology and services. The Congress features technical sessions given by die casting experts along with exhibits on the latest technology used in the die casting industry. With an expected 2,200 visitors and 225 exhibitors, it is one of North America's premier trade shows for the metal casting industry. 


Godfrey & Wing will showcase its vacuum impregnation technology and sealants. Attendees will learn about Godfrey & Wing’s unique and pioneering approach to sealing porosity. By thinking differently, Godfrey & Wing has changed vacuum impregnation by making it simple to use. With Godfrey & Wing technology, companies can efficiently, effectively, and affordably seal their casting porosity.    


"The Metal Casting Congress is a premier event for us to discuss and educate metal casting experts on sealing casting leak paths with vacuum impregnation." Said Dan Irvin, Director of Business Development. "Attendees will see firsthand how they can meet their leak rate requirements while maintaining their quality and profitability."


Godfrey & Wing will be exhibiting at booth 837. Learn more about this show by visiting: https://www.afsinc.org/tradeshows/metalcasting-congress-2020 

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