Godfrey & Wing to Exhibit at The 2021 Die Casting Congress and Exposition

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Godfrey & Wing will exhibit at the North America Die Casting Association (NADCA) Congress and Exposition, October 4–6, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Congress and Exposition features technical sessions on the die casting and finishing processes given by experts, along with exhibits on the latest technology used in the industry.   


Godfrey & Wing will exhibit LEGO models of its HVLV and CFI impregnation systems integrated with machining and leak testing models. These models will show how the equipment creates a safe and efficient work environment by integrating into the manufacturing process and eliminating work-in-process. 




The company will also have digital content to help attendees learn about the vacuum impregnation process and its industry-leading services, sealants, and equipment. 


Above all, attendees will learn about Godfrey & Wing's pioneering approach to sealing porosity. Driven by design to make vacuum impregnation simple to use, Godfrey & Wing systems are the most used worldwide. The automotive, aerospace, industrial, and other industries rely on these patented systems to seal die casting porosity while producing clean and damage-free parts. With Godfrey & Wing technology, companies can effectively and affordably seal their casting porosity.


"Godfrey & Wing has been at the foreground of leading innovation in vacuum impregnation for almost 75 years." Said Dan Irvin, Director of Business Development. "We have a proven record of providing tailored solutions to meet performance and quality requirements. This show is an excellent opportunity for us to discuss with attendees' solutions to their porosity sealing needs." 


Godfrey & Wing will be at booth 403. For more information on the show and NADCA, visit: https://www.diecasting.org/