Godfrey & Wing CFi to Seal Cylinder Head Covers in Germany

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Godfrey & Wing has received a contract from a leading European automotive machining source to provide a Continuous Flow impregnation (CFi) system. Starting in 2023, the system will seal leak paths in aluminum cylinder head covers that the supplier is producing in its Germany facility for three automotive OEMs. This contract represents the second vacuum impregnation system purchased by this supplier since 2017.


Godfrey & Wing’s CFi is a state-of-the-art vacuum impregnation system engineered for high-volume OEMs and suppliers. The system is an automated continuous flow impregnation unit incorporating Godfrey & Wing's patented Dry Vacuum and Pressure (DVP) process. The system includes the most advanced porosity sealing technology and a seven-axis robot. Its use of automation means direct integration into the production line.  




Godfrey & Wing focuses on advancing vacuum impregnation technology with each build. The company manufacturers each equipment design to be faster, safer, and easier to use than the previous design. The result is the highest rate of leak path sealing, shortest cycle times, and minimal labor. 


The new CFi has a footprint that is 33% smaller, and increased cycles per hour by 30% compared to the system purchased in 2017. This allows it to integrate with machining, washing, and leak testing to create a fully automated environment even more seamlessly. Considering the supplier’s demands of modular footprint, efficiency, and automation, Godfrey & Wing’s technology has proved to be the best solution.   


"This CFi is one of the world’s most trusted vacuum impregnation systems due to its reliability and performance."  Said Ralf Versmold Managing Director of European Operations, “Based on the customer’s production, quality, and floorspace requirements, Godfrey & Wing's technology is best to meet these challenges.”  


Automotive manufacturers are making massive investments in the development of cylinder head covers to meet consumer demands, CO2 emission requirements, and fuel efficiency standards. From 2023-2032, the market is expected to grow by 21%. Godfrey & Wing is well positioned to address this growth.  


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