Godfrey & Wing Acquires Imprex

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Godfrey & Wing has acquired Imprex, a U.S.-based vacuum impregnation service, and vacuum pressure impregnation equipment company. The acquisition solidifies Godfrey & Wing's position as the global leader in vacuum impregnation services, equipment, and sealants.


"This merger strengthens both companies." Said Bob Juday, President of Imprex. "Imprex vacuum impregnation services focuses on electronics, 3D printing, brass, and aluminum while Godfrey & Wing focuses on high volume global automotive powertrain programs. Combining our two companies delivers a depth of knowledge and capability unparalleled in the industry."




Started in 1958, Imprex is a second-generation family-owned business serving the Midwest region. Since its founding, the company's Milwaukee operation has grown to become the largest service provider in North America. All Imprex team members and operations will remain in Milwaukee, WI.


Godfrey & Wing and Imprex have a long and rich history of collaboration dating back decades. In 2006, Godfrey & Wing acquired Imprex's sealant division. Then in 2014 and 2018, Imprex purchased two vacuum impregnation systems from Godfrey & Wing.


"What a great opportunity. We are honored to carry the Imprex brand forward" Said Alexander Alford, CEO of Godfrey & Wing, "Blending both companies' expertise in operations, engineering, and customer service allows us to be nimble to meet changing industry trends."


Godfrey & Wing's headquarters is in Aurora, OH, with facilities and partners worldwide. Imprex is in Milwaukee, WI. Imprex will operate as "Imprex: A Godfrey & Wing Company." The acquisition closed on December 31, 2021.