FROMEX to Install Godfrey & Wing Vacuum Impregnation System

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Godfrey & Wing, has received a contract from FROMEX to supply a vacuum impregnation system.  Starting at the end of 2017, the system will seal aluminum die castings for gas regulators at FROMEX’s facility in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.


This contract is a result of FROMEX’s need to replace an aging vacuum impregnation system. The new system will allow FROMEX to impregnate multiple parts in one cycle. This will enable FROMEX to meet their high production volume. By keeping vacuum impregnation in-house, FROMEX is able to eliminate Work in Process (WIP), improve casting quality, production delays, and transportation costs.


If gas regulator castings are not sealed, then gas could leak through the casting porosity. Vacuum impregnation ensures that the castings will not leak gas under pressure. Vacuum impregnation seals the porosity without changing any functional or dimensional casting characteristics.


This agreement significantly extends Godfrey & Wing’s relationship with FROMEX. The contract includes technical support from Godfrey & Wing’s Mexico division. The agreement also includes an ongoing supply of high performance 95-1000AA recoverable sealant.  The sealant is approved by the U.S. Department of Defense and specified by automotive OEM’s worldwide.


FROMEX is part of the Regulator Technologies division of Emerson Electric. Emerson offers pressure and flow control solutions in process / specialty gases, liquids, steam, natural gas and liquid propane. Emerson offers more pressure regulator and relief valve solutions than any other manufacturer in the world.