Innovative Vacuum Impregnation Technology at Foundry Congress Mexico

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Aurora, OH USA – Godfrey & Wing will showcase innovative vacuum impregnation equipment, sealants and service at the Foundry Congress on June 19 in Querétaro Mexico. 

Godfrey & Wing’s latest innovation, the HVLV vacuum impregnation system, is changing the way people look at vacuum impregnation. Featuring advanced, effective and sustainable impregnation technology, the HVLV provides the lowest carbon footprint at a capital cost that makes impregnation affordable for any OEM or manufacturer.

HVLV Vacuum Impregnation SystemThe HVLV Vacuum Impregnation Porosity Sealing System uses patented Continuous Flow Impregnation (CFi) dry vacuum and pressure (DVP) technology and is capable of processing up to 1200 pounds of castings per hour. Using state-of-the-art green impregnation technology, the HVLV reduces the time to impregnate by 80% compared with conventional alternatives. 

The HVLV conserves resources and provides repeatable, precise, and clean impregnation processing. The three (3) module unit requires less than 8 square meters of floor space. It is simple to operate, and its readily accessible components allow for easy installation and preventative maintenance.

To support the Mexican and South American market, Godfrey & Wing Inc. has a sales office located in Chihuahua Mexico about 250 miles from the El Paso, Texas USA border. The office in Chihuahua can provide all the necessary information to help companies make the best decision for their vacuum impregnation needs. Godfrey & Wing has a wide customer base throughout Mexico, including OEMs and manufacturers who are using the Continuous Flow Vacuum Impregnation technology.  

For more information about Godfrey & Wing and the HVLV Vacuum Impregnation System, please contact us