First Lean Vacuum Impregnation System Installed in China

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Aurora, OH - Godfrey & Wing shipped and installed its first piece of lean impregnation technology in China. The HVLV Vacuum Impregnation System, GW’s lean, front loading vacuum impregnation machine, was manufactured in the USA and installed at a Tier One Die Casting OEM in Dalian. The system will be used to process four cylinder engine blocks and transmission components for North American and European OEMs. 

After being awarded a high volume engine block project by General Motors, the OEM was tasked with developing a strategy to seal blocks and enabling them to pass a 1cc/min leak test. Outsourcing was not an option as the OEM wanted to reduce shipping and inventory costs while eliminating the risk associated with outside processing (damage and contamination), not to mention the unpredictable recovery of castings. Based on Godfrey & Wing’s impregnation technology along with their experience and performance on powertrain programs with stringent leak test standards at GM, they requested GW propose an equipment strategy.

HVLV in ChinaAfter a comprehensive review of their business needs, the OEM chose to purchase the Godfrey & Wing HVLV vacuum impregnation system. The HVLV is the perfect fit for their manufacturing and floorspace requirements, and it is the only system they need to impregnate every product they manufacture, efficiently and effectively. “Every leaking part processed through the HVLV was recovered - a 100% pass rate at leak test. The parts were not contaminated and did not experience any damage. We are confident that the HVLV will continue to produce these same excellent results in every cycle, every day,” commented the engineering manager. 

The most advanced component impregnation equipment in the world, the HVLV Vacuum Impregnation System uses patented Continuous Flow Impregnation (CFi) dry vacuum and pressure (DVP) technology and is capable of processing up to 15 cycles per hour. Featuring advanced green impregnation technology, the HVLV reduces the time to impregnate by approximately 80% compared with old batch impregnation systems and will ensure near 100% pressure tight parts. Processing one cylinder block per cycle, the HVLV is lean and ergonomic and does not require overhead cranes or equipment pits or platforms. The system occupies 84 square feet and requires no special infrastructure and may be installed anywhere in a facility. 

The HVLV conserves resources and provides repeatable, precise, and clean impregnation processing. The three (3) module unit is simple to operate, and its readily accessible components allow for easy installation and preventative maintenance.

The system installed in China represented Godfrey & Wing’s fourth HVLV installation since the product was launched in early 2013. 

Manufacturers in industries ranging from automotive to the military, as well as those involved in the full range of general engineering processes that use castings, all stand to gain from the development of the HVLV system.

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