Innovative Vacuum Impregnation Equipment Showcased at Engine Expo

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Godfrey & Wing Inc. will showcase the most advanced vacuum impregnation equipment in the world, the HVLV and CFi systems, at Engine Expo, October 22-24 in Novi, Michigan at The Suburban Collection Showplace.

HVLVGodfrey & Wing’s HVLV is a lean, front-loading vacuum impregnation system that uses the patented Continuous Flow Impregnation (CFi) dry vacuum and pressure (DVP) technology and is capable of processing up to 15 cycles per hour. Featuring advanced green impregnation technology, the HVLV reduces the time to impregnate by approximately 80% compared with more conventional alternatives and is the only system capable of repeatedly delivering 100% pressure tight parts in such a small footprint. The HVLV is the first system to make in-house vacuum impregnation feasible in advanced manufacturing environments.




Continuous Flow Impregnation

The Godfrey & Wing Continuous Flow Impregnation (CFi) System raised the bar in the vacuum impregnation industry to new levels. Combining efficient and effective process cycle times along with high performance sealant recovery systems, the CFI delivers clean, impregnated parts at a cost well below that of conventional systems while eliminating the scrap associated with porous castings. 




In addition to exhibiting at Engine Expo, Tom Shantz, GW’s Sales Manager, will discuss porosity and porosity’s impact on powertrain manufacturing during the Open Technology Forum on Wednesday, October 23 at 10:30AM.  Porosity, which is an inherent byproduct of the casting process, prevents many castings from achieving pressure test specifications, especially at engine assembly. Tom’s presentation will include new strategies and developments in vacuum impregnation that can mitigate this issue and restore productivity without negatively impacting the manufacturing flow.

Visit Godfrey & Wing at Stand E126 at Engine Expo to see how their vacuum impregnation technology has enabled manufacturers to increase their yield of pressure tight components while significantly lowering their operating costs. 

About Engine Expo
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About Godfrey & Wing
For 65 years, Godfrey & Wing’s technological breakthroughs, such as the Continuous Flow Impregnation and HVLV systems, have made the company a global leader in vacuum impregnation science and technology. These advancements have enabled manufacturers to increase their yield of pressure tight components while significantly lowering their operating costs.

The company’s engineers and scientists are the best in the industry, bringing extensive knowledge of the vacuum impregnation process to the equipment they develop – from top load batch systems to fully automated, high speed designs. With innovation always top of mind, Godfrey & Wing is equipped to handle the toughest manufacturing challenges worldwide for the automotive and aerospace industries along with other major manufacturers. For more information about Godfrey & Wing, click here