Innovative Vacuum Impregnation Technology Showcased at CastExpo

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Aurora, OH USA – Major automotive OEMs made it a point to visit the Godfrey & Wing booth at the 2013 CastExpo to see the company’s groundbreaking HVLV lean, front-loading vacuum impregnation system. The HVLV is the first system to make in-house vacuum impregnation feasible in advanced manufacturing environments.

CastExpo attendees commented especially on the HVLV’s compact and efficient processing, low floor space requirement, affordable price, and its ability to eliminate scrap, transportation, and work-in-process.

This year’s CastExpo is the first time that Godfrey & Wing has displayed equipment at the show, which included more than 450 exhibitors and drew 7,000+ visitors over three days April 6-9, 2013 in St. Louis, Missouri.

HVLV at CastExpoThe most advanced component impregnation equipment in the world, the HVLV Vacuum Impregnation Dry Vacuum and Positive Pressure Porosity Sealing System uses patented Continuous Flow Impregnation (CFi) dry vacuum and pressure (DVP) technology and is capable of processing up to 15 cycles per hour. Featuring advanced green impregnation technology, the HVLV reduces the time to impregnate by approximately 80% compared with more conventional alternatives and is the solution for 100% pressure tight parts. 

“Conventional impregnation systems require expensive infrastructure modifications such as recessed equipment pits and overhead gantries to move batches of parts through a line and can require cycle times of up to 40 minutes,” says Brad Welch, COO of Godfrey & Wing. “Now, by contrast, the HVLV front load system requires no expensive infrastructure as components may be loaded directly from a conveyor, processing with clean, sealed parts delivered in a cycle time of just 3.5 minutes. Cylinder blocks, transmission cases, aircon compressor bodies, or fuel injection parts may be processed individually in a unit that requires no more floor space than, for example, a parts cleaning system.”

The HVLV conserves resources and provides repeatable, precise, and clean impregnation processing. The three (3) module unit is simple to operate, and its readily accessible components allow for easy installation and preventative maintenance.

Godfrey & Wing has centered its business on a superior understanding of the vacuum impregnation process and applying that knowledge to a wide range of equipment – from top load batch systems to fully automated, high speed designs.

Manufacturers in industries ranging from automotive to the military, as well as those involved in the full range of general engineering processes that use castings, all stand to gain from the development of the HVLV system.

About CastExpo
Sponsored by the American Foundry Society (AFS), CastExpo is the single largest trade show and exposition for metalcasting in the Americas. CastExpo offers metalcasters, suppliers, and casting buyers and designers the opportunity to connect and educate themselves on the latest and greatest that metalcasting has to offer.  

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