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  Defiance and Saginaw

Materials Processed

Cast Aluminum

 Inspection Envelope

dia 27" x H 47"
(700mm x H 1200mm)

 Maximum Part Weight

264 lbs (120 kg)


dia 15" (400mm)

 Total Number of Axes

7 + 2 (shutter)


  ASTM E155


Casting defects are inherent in the manufacture of castings. With OEM specifications becoming ever more rigorous, defects often leads to greater waste, increased costs, inhibited capacity and delayed production. 

Best Method to Inspect

Production programs, therefore, need to identify areas of concern before issues occur. X-Ray is the best inspection method to measure castings. 


Determine Acceptable Levels

Godfrey & Wing works with customers to determine acceptable levels of casting defects and porosity. The company can inspect non-conforming parts, providing images showing the porosity and defect sizes and locations. These images can help customers determine the root in the manufacturing processes.