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Process Used

  Internal Pressure

 Sealant Used


 Process Specification

 MIL-STD-276A, Method A

 Sealant Specification


Accelerating Solutions in Electric Vehicles

Trusted by automotive OEMs and their suppliers, Godfrey & Wing helps solves the industry's challenges, enabling the next generation of electric vehicle (EV) design and production.

Godfrey & Wing’s patent-pending single-point impregnation seals leak paths in EV battery pack assemblies and drive motor case castings. The process seals completed assemblies or can be used for individual castings prior to assembly.

Ensure Part Performance

Single-point impregnation helps ensure successful part performance by preventing fluids or gas from leaking under pressure.

This allows OEMs and suppliers to use parts that would otherwise be scrapped, improving throughput, efficiency, and profitability. 


Protect Critical Features

With single-point impregnation, only the leak path is subjected to the process.

Other components are untouched, avoiding the risk of contamination or damage.


Engineering Support

As the global leader in equipment design, Godfrey & Wing supports companies by providing engineering and service tailored to the sealing requirements. 

With Godfrey & Wing, manufacturers can ensure part performance, improve throughput, and protect profitability.



Godfrey & Wing only uses environmentally friendly sealants. Our sealants are recoverable, meaning they maintain purity without additional chemistry. 

Our equipment and processes maximize part recovery while reducing waste. Vacuum impregnation will last the life of the part.