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Godfrey & Wing’s HVLV allows OEMs, contract manufacturers, die casters and foundries to have the benefits of vacuum impregnation in a simple, easy to use machine.

The system efficiently and effectively seals porosity while eliminating the costs and risk of outsourcing.  

Modular Design

The compact design needs only 96 square feet of space. With single point connections for electricity, water and air, and no infrastructure changes needed, the HVLV can be installed anywhere on the manufacturing floor.


Maximum Recovery, Minimum Effort

The HVLV contains Dry Vacuum and Pressure (DVP) impregnation chamber. This seals porosity with a first time through (FTT) recovery rate of over 99%.

Processing 15 cycles per hour makes it the fastest manually operated systems available on the market. 


Ensure Part Quality

Continuous flow technology and fixturing ensure porosity sealing and protect critical surfaces. This eliminates handling damage and sealant contamination.

PLC controls ensure the process is repeatable without operator input.

Push the button and the HVLV does the work.


Operator Safety

Safety is #1. Designed with an ergonomic man-machine interface, the HVLV keeps the operator and maintenance associates safe and productive.