Video: Continuous Advanced Powertrain Impregnation (CAPI) Walk Around

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Godfrey & Wing’s Continuous Advanced Powertrain Impregnation system (CAPI) allows high volume OEM and suppliers to have the benefits of vacuum impregnation in a simple, easy to use machine.  In this short video, Johnny Impreg shows how this system is one of the fastest and safest at sealing die casting leak paths.



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Video Transcript

Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Casting Call with Johnny Impreg. I'm your host Johnny Impreg. And my special guest star today is our latest, Continuous Advanced Powertrain Impregnation system, we call it the CAPi.


System Highlights

Now what do you do if you have over 400,000 blocks per year that need to get impregnated? Do you put them on a truck 400 at a time and send them across town to get done on the outside? Or do you do it yourself? Now some of you may be saying, "I don't have enough space." Well, in less than the amount of space it takes to stage the blocks to send them in and out, you can have a system like this on your floor.


It can be integrated right in to production with cooling tunnels, so it can go right from impregnation to leak test. It can be integrated with 100% traceability to the casting serial number and automatic part marking, if required. This system is configured with a 90 second tact time. The process is two V6 blocks per cycle, so it'll yield 76 blocks per hour. Completely automated through the impregnation, centrifuge, wash, rinse, and cure.


Let's Talk

So if you have a lot of blocks that need to be impregnated, and you want the most cost effective way to do it, and have total control, this would be your system. If you have any questions, please hit me up on WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or leave a question in the comments below. And as always, bye for now.