About Godfrey & Wing

Innovation is our passion and in our DNA. 

Innovation is a word not typically associated with vacuum impregnation. But innovation is in our DNA. With over 60 years of experience in sealing porosity, Godfrey & Wing has used innovation to become the market leader in vacuum impregnation technology and engineering excellence. In fact, Godfrey & Wing has more experience and expertise in vacuum impregnation processes, sealants and equipment than any other company in the world.

GW’s innovation, expertise and experience serve as the tools that enable us to build a better vacuum impregnation process. The results are demonstrated in the:

  1. Engineering and manufacturing of the patented Continuous Flow Impregnation Systems
  2. Formulations of recoverable sealants to meet any sealing criteria
  3. Lean and sustainable vacuum impregnation systems achieving the lowest total carbon footprint of any impregnation system
  4. Building and operating Godfrey & Wing owned vacuum impregnation service centers and establishing strategic relationships with independent service owner/operators around the world

While there are many companies that offer sealants, equipment or services, Godfrey & Wing continues to differentiate itself. Our innovations are made possible not only through formulating, manufacturing and testing our products, but through using them on a daily basis – so we know what you face every day, month and year in maintaining your equipment, sealant, process and profitability. 

At Godfrey & Wing it is all about sealing your part 100% of the time. With millions of components sealed at our customers using Godfrey & Wing sealants and equipment and millions more in our process centers, the results of innovating are proven – everyday.

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